National Association of Asian American Professionals:
North Carolina Venture

Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill, North Carolina

NAAAP is a national, 501(c)(3), not-for-profit organization where Asian American professionals work together across the country to empower Asian American leadership, overcome barriers that impede our success, promote active participation within the community, and encourage Asian Americans to go into underrepresented professions.

Spanning many national origins and generations of acculturation, Asian Americans do not unite around a common language, culture, or tradition.  Instead, we acknowledge a shared history of racial discrimination that, unfortunately, continues to shape our society.  NAAAP defines its membership and missions along racial lines because race is relevant to the way we are perceived and treated as Americans and as professionals.

Contrary to the widespread "model minority" myth, Asian Americans have not been disproportionately successful; nor do we yet enjoy equal opportunities for economic, social and political advancement.  As Asian American professionals, we recognize a special responsibility to engage with one another, with our professions, and with our community in addressing these issues.  Accordingly, NAAAP-NC is firmly committed to encouraging open dialogue on issues of race and undertaking activities to promote racial equality and social justice in our workplaces, in our community, and across the nation.

The NAAAP-NC Forum

Most online communication among NAAAP-NC officers and members takes place via the NAAAP-NC Forum.  You are strongly encouraged to visit the Forum on a regular basis, register, and post messages.  There you will find announcements of upcoming NAAAP events, as well as other official communications such as newsletters and minutes.

2004-05 Officers

Hector Javier, President

Judy Tseng, Secretary/Vice President

John Chen, Treasurer

Ellen Sung, Newsletter Editor

Board Members:  My Ha Hoang,; Hector Javier,; Natalie Kikkawa; Chris Chinh Nguyen; Quynh Nguyen,; Riteesh Singh,; Ted Suh,; Jack Tang,; Poh Boon Ung,; Virginia Vazquez,; Michael Wu,; Julia Yip

Fundraising Co-Chairs:  John Chen & Michael Wu
Communications Chair:  Ted Suh 
Community Affairs Chair:  Quynh Nguyen & Poh Ung 
Cultural Co-Chairs:  Judy Tseng & Jack Tang 
External Affairs Co-Chairs:  Riteesh Singh 
Social Co-Chairs:  Virginia Vasquez & Riteesh Singh 
Professional Development Chair:  Hector Javier
Past President:  Ted Suh